AMulya Mishra Test-> is a simulation of Buzzient UI hosted in Google Apps.Clicking this button will invoke Ravi's WLS ADF App which is inside Oracle Firewall.

Access this page without VPN or without Proxy.. Before clicking this button, set proxy or connect to VPN and click to access the ADF App running in Ravi's WLS.

1)-See the java script code written in this HTML using view source.

2)-Clicking 'Create Fusion Apps Service Request' button calls a JavaScript method called callTheJsonp().

3)-Here we add a dynamic script tag with attribute src pointing to a servlet in Ravi's WLS.

4)-The servlet has a method to generate a JSON object and send it back as response to This page.

5)-Then it invokes function parseRequest(response) which takes this JSON object and prints in javascript console.

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